Schläge im Namen des Herrn
Das verdrängte Schicksal der Heimkinder
in der Bundesrepublik


ISBN 342105892X
ca.240 Seiten mit Abbildungen

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Erste Reaktionen auf das Buch im Februar 2006
- evangelische Trägerverbände
- ev.Akademie Bad Boll
- Bischof Huber
- Diakonie Bayern
- Dierk Schäfer, ev. Akademie Bad Boll
- offener Brief an Gohde
- Wittekindshof
- Bethanien-Schwestern
- Deutschlandradio Kultur
- Sendung vom 15.2.2006


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In February 1996 the Mercy Sisters of Ireland placed an apology in the Irish Media “to any persons who were been abused while in our care”. This was a broad and general apology made while not having the evidence to support any specific allegation.

In August 2003, The Sisters of Mercy of the Americas issued a similar apology.

  • “We, Sisters of Mercy, are as shocked and appalled as other viewers by the reality portrayed in the movie. While we understand the movie is a fictional version of the Magdalene Laundries, we regret that, at one point in time, we as well as families and many others in society believed such isolation and harsh surroundings were a commendable solution to a painful human situation
  • As women religious committed to mercy and justice throughout the world, we grieve with all victims of the
    Magdalene Laundries and pray that they experience God’s comfort and healing in their lives. We are humbled and pray that God's healing presence will touch the lives of all the women who experienced any thing near the tragic reality depicted in the film. We sincerely apologize for any and all injustices that may have occurred.
  • As Mercy Sisters we work with people in many different ministries around the world. Every day we meet people, especially women and children who are struggling with poverty and marginalization. We continually seek God's direction and guidance as we assist those most vulnerable and in need.”
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